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These Reusable Food Storage Bags on Amazon Grew in Popularity by Over 4000 Percent Overnight

The airtight bags are designed to keep veggies, fruit, meat, and even liquids fresh for days, whether they’re stored in the fridge or in a lunch box on the go. Made of food-grade silicone, the flexible material is free of any chemicals or fillers and is heat- and cold-resistant. Sealed with a leak-proof zipper, the bags help prevent spills and are even safe to use in the microwave or for sous vide recipes. The best part? When you’re done using them, you can easily pop them in the dishwasher, then fold them up or lay them flat for easy storage between uses—even in the tightest living quarters.

reusable vegetable storage bags for fridge

While keeping food fresh and safe to eat is definitely important, the real draw of these reusable bags is the amount of single-use plastic you can eliminate from your home by switching to them. You can use these silicone bags to replace traditional plastic bags in the kitchen, allowing you to store and pack food in an eco-friendly way.

Not only are the bags effective, but they’re also incredibly versatile. “They are easy to use, easy to clean and are the most convenient replacement for disposable bags! I use them for snacks, marinating meat, storing leftovers, toys, and more! They can be used for almost anything,” according to another reviewer.

Snag a set of these eco-friendly reusable silicone bags while they’re still on sale, and do your part to protect the environment while still keeping your food as fresh as possible.